Johnson County Public Health Announcement: COVID Vaccination Booster Update

While the FDA has approved a booster vaccination for the immunocompromised, Johnson County will not be administering booster doses until approval comes through the Wyoming Department of Health. The CDC advisory panel will be meeting Friday August 13 to discuss the recommendations. Johnson County Public Health will not be keeping a waiting list for booster shots. If and when a booster is approved by the Wyoming Department of Health, JCPH will update all forms of communications: Facebook, Radio, Newspaper, County website, etc. We look forward to continue this fight against COVID by offering vaccinations and recommending social distancing and mask use.

As positive COVID cases continue to increase, we have received more calls about testing information. In Buffalo, you may get tested at the following locations:

Johnson County Healthcare Center, Family Medical Clinic: 684-2228
Buffalo Urgent Care: 278-0280
Big Horn Pediatrics and Family Medicine: 620-8845
Free VAULT at home tests: — Order one today to have on hand if needed!

Vaccination Locations in Johnson County
Corner Stone Pharmacy – Walk In Availability – Moderna: 620-7071
Buffalo Prescription Shop – Moderna by Appointment: 684-7003
Johnson County Healthcare Center, Family Medical Clinic – Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson: 684-2228
Big Horn Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Moderna: 620-8845
Johnson County Public Health – Moderna: 684-2564